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Terms and Conditions for Clients


In consideration of booking a yacht charter with Yachting Dreams, I hereby acknowledge that my participation is completely voluntary, and I understand the terms and conditions as follows:

As a result of the adventurous nature of this tour, I am solely responsible for my actions on board ship and ashore. By this agreement, I free Yachting Dreams, their captain and crew and any other people affiliated with this charter company from all responsibility for any personal injuries, property loss and damage caused by my negligence or reckless conduct. Therefore, Yachting Dreams reserves the right to pursue a claim against me for the full extent of their loss.

This Charter company is not responsible for any group dynamic challenges, emotional and physical ailments due to sea sickness, heat and such. Therefore, Yachting Dreams is not liable to cover any medical fees arising from these incidents.

I must agree to always abide by its Code of Conduct and to its captain and crew that their decisions will be final on matters related to the safety and well-being of passengers on the trip. If the opinion of the captain and crew, my behavior is disrupting the peaceable enjoyment of the trip, I shall be terminated from the trip and will not be entitled to any refund.

I grant my free, voluntary and unconditional consent to the collection and processing of all Personal Data, and transaction information or records disclosed by myself or an authorized agent as I trust that Yachting Dreams is committed to safeguarding all my information in compliance with the Data Protection Law.